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A note from the President and CEO of BuyCoachBus.com, Anthony Vaccarello. 

" We value our customers and we understand that there is a lot of buses for sale and we want to thank each one of our customers. We have changed the game by actually selling TRUE Certified USDOT approved motor coaches to North America, South America and Africa. So how did this happen? 

We sell USDOT approved units, which means we do not just sell ANY inventory. We buy the best units that our customers will be happy with, utilizing certified mechanics on staff to review. Once purchased, We go through the entire bus and we fix any and all issues that do not meet our high expectations; We see it and we fix it : replacing tires, replacing brakes, engine, transmission, AC and electrical are addressed, we keep going on to even replace broken windows, updating interiors, converting flooring, exterior buff and respray. When you get a bus from us, you can go right to work. 

For the charter bus companies we go one step further. We give you charter bus business. We have bus charter business nationwide. 2 billion and growing of charter business passed out to my partners since 2003.

Who I am? Well let me tell you;

I have been involved in the Motorcoach industry since 2003. Starting my career with BusBank in 2003, charter bus leader in North America, starting from the bottom to ending my 10 years term as the Senior Director of Supplier Relations. Moving on to be the President of Terrapin Blue, Leader in Motorcoach Media, Grant Writing and emergency prepairness training. After 2 years I decided to take my business to another level. I created TPA Group Inc, Transportation Partners of America. We focused on the bus industry needs and we created Subout.com, The leading clearing house for charter bus business. In 2017, we joined Bauers Intelligent Transportation in San Francisco, CA. Selling the highest quality preowned motor coaches in the United States of America. Once this project was completed we built BuyCoachBus.com, motorcoach dealership. Now we are connecting all the dots. Bring quality buses to the market and charter business to our partners and customers.

We further invested in the charter bus industry and made huge mergers to complete our operation:Great American Charters, Charter Bus Nationwide Service Provider; Fun Tours of VA, Charter Bus Company with 10 units; Colorado Charter, Charter Bus Company with 2 units, Mid America Charter Bus Lines, Charter Bus Company with 20 units, and many more companies across North America. 

Our Vision is Simple- Buy and Sell Quality Motorcoaches - Ability to Earn Charter Business - Business assistance from start up to existing companies.

Thank you for taking the time to find out what makes us different."

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