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Pre-Owned VanHool Motorcoaches for sale!

We have a great selection of pre-owned VanHool motor coaches. We also have late model VanHool coaches for sale. VanHool is a family-owned company based in Belgium that has been producing coaches for over 100 years. When you buy a Van Hool motor coach, you’re making a good investment. VanHool are great coaches sold exclusively by U.S. VanHool coach bus distributor, ABC Companies. These coaches go through a USDOT Approval process.

We’re proud to offer Turn Key VanHool Buses for Sale, West Coast Buses, and Southern Buses.

Most companies purchase a vehicle based on price alone. However, in our industry, you have to understand all the specifications of the motor coach you are purchasing. At Bus Traveler’s Exchange, we’re here to help! We’re focused on changing the industry and bringing the value back to the pre-owned market place.


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