1-847-996-9319 Why is BuyCoachBus.com a better option?

Why is BuyCoachBus.com a better option?

Why is BuyCoachBus.com a better option?

That is the question that I have been hearing when I am speaking to potential customers. Here is my answer.

BuyCoachBus is outside of the box thinking organization focused around the charter bus industry. We have over 20 years in Bus Charter Sales and we have 5 years in the Bus Sales Arena. We know 2 things really well.

1. How to find Charter Bus Business 

2. How to match the right company in the right bus. 

We have changed up the rules on how you can finance the buses and we brought back some business models that were very successful. Our Partnerships with large organizations around the country allow us to try the best approach to growing your bus clients, financing or leasing Motor Coach Buses. 

Did you know that Bus Transportation is the safest form of transportation? Where you aware that many people still to this day have no idea on how or who to call for charter bus service?

You may have said yes to this, however, the fact of the matter is Our Firm has the experience to get your company on the right bus, at the right price. Our Coaches go through a rigorous inspection and not every bus will be an approved- We turn down dozens of buses every quarter.

If you are looking for a partner that sees it as a win-win relationship-

Give me a call 850-361-8119


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