1-847-996-9319 When Buying the Right Motor Coach Matters.

When Buying the Right Motor Coach Matters.

When Buying the Right Motor Coach Matters.

BuyCoachBus.Com was created to maximize the buying power for Bus and Limousine Companies.

Our plan is simple 1. Application 2. Vehicle Options 3. Delivery.

The industry has a new hustle, Finance companies will not approve startups, insurance will not insure startups. The industry is going to shrink and if you do not see it just google- Bus Company closing. Fewer buses mean regulation without regulation. 

So here is my belief, Why buy new? Why not have half the payment and make the bus look better. Think if you are a rider, what would you expect? 

Here is My Top 6:

1. Curb Appeal (New Paint/Body Work)

2. Updated interior (https://sardobus.com)

3. 110V (Basic Necessity now)

4. Wifi or Video (Basic Necessity now)

5. Clean Bathroom (just in case)

6. A safe and mechanically free experience. 

Now anyone can put lipstick on a Pig but when you buy from a reputable company you will be treated like Family. We take care of our own.

You want it done correctly than BUY BETTER and avoid letting price decide what is good and what is not good. Our Job is to build repeat customers and we will not do that by selling you overpriced, broken down coaches.

We are not like everyone else, we only sell or lease quality 56 passenger Deluxe MotorCoaches. We represent High-quality equipment such as MCI, VanHool, Temsa, Volvo, Setra, Prevost. 

When you have tried the rest and are still not satisfied, call BuyCoachBus.com today. 

850-361-8119 ask for Anthony 

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