1-847-996-9319 Universities agree that owning a motorcoach makes sense!

Universities agree that owning a motorcoach makes sense!

Creating New Entry Points!

Buying a motorcoach takes time, planning and proper execution. We are excited to see the new entry customers.

University and College buyers are purchasing coach buses. Charter bus companies nationwide generate millions of dollars from this customer base, however, that number will start to shrink into 2019. The average school will charter a coach bus or school bus 175 times in a single year. This does not include Home to School Transportation.

This does include, Athletic Department, Academic Field Trips, School Events like Grad Night, Formals, Proms, Etc. 

What seems to be transpiring is larger schools, High Schools, state schools, and even private colleges are taking the steps to take care of their students themselves. They are now purchasing buses, securing drivers, adding the vehicle to the university insurance and they are off. 

We asked universities why they wanted to buy vs charter. The response was charter rates became too high, vehicles were not comparable (Age Year Ammenties) and schedule, last minute trips because of a team winning could not be reserved until they won the game. Scheduling issues have put schools in a panic. Anyone in Texas knows what I am talking about.

With the ability to purchase a Pre Owned Motorcoach the entities can now save thousands on the purchase and they can offset the transportation budget by hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

Think about it like this. If I am in academics and the athletic department just bought a motorcoach. Who am I going to be required to call first? The Athletic Department, of course. This creates a new internal revenue stream for the university and it creates a huge profit center for the Athletic Department.

It becomes a great marketing piece, it saves hundreds of thousands of dollars, it creates jobs, it creates further education and it created a Brand New Entry point.

For More Information on how this program has been rolled out in other entities please email info@buycoachbus.com


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