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The True Partnership Value

The True Partnership Value


BuyCoachBus.com was founded by Anthony Vaccarello, Industry charter broker and Pre Owned Bus Sales Executive. Fresh out of college, Anthony started his career in 2003 with The BusBank, The charter bus industries first online bus charter broker. He grew from a sales account manager to Vice President of Supplier Relations over a 8 year term. Anthony's major focus on driving business strategically and building real relationships. In 2011 Anthony Joined Terrapin Blue, The Charter bus industry only Grant, Security and media company. Anthony focused on Grant Development, RFQ Development, Business Consortiums. He served as the Vice President of Client Relations and he was promoted to President of the Terrapin Blue Families in Spring 2012. 

Vaccarello, Went on to build another company TPA Group Inc. The company was designed to build and develop transportation related technology and services. TPA or Transportation Partners of America was the developer and managing director for Subout.com. Launching Sub out at The United Motorcoach Association show in January of 2014. The company drove ready made charter bus bookings from all bus industry brokers. Such as BusBank, USC, Metropolitan Shuttle and Charter Everything. The companies original owners were bought out in 2016. 

Wanting to understand all sides of the bus industry, In 2017, Anthony took on the position of Vice President at Bauers Intelligent Transportation. Largest Charter Bus and Limousines company in San Francisco, California.

With a fleet of over 300 units, Anthony was responsible for selling preowned charter buses, shuttle buses, Limousines and Sedans to offset the new bus and vehicle fleets purchased yearly. 

Financing has become a big issue with the bus industry, as lenders shy away from C and D credit and limited 

In mid 2018, EzBusLoans was developed to drive quality applications to bus dealerships.

By late 2018, BuyCoachBus was developed and they have not looked back.

We are focused in 3 main areas;

Charter Bus Business, Vehicle Sales and Emerging Technology.

"We want to help the bus industry, not hurt them. We want to showcase our value and we bring our own design, technology and education to the table.  Our clients love what we do and enjoy having a better experience and get more value then working with other companies within the industry."

Since he started in the bus industry Vaccarello is credited and responsible for the redirection of over 2.8 billion in charter bus business to bus companies that were connect to him as of 2019. 

"I believe that a partnership between the bus broker and charter bus company is a symbiotic relationship. More win than lose, I believe is a simple motto,  caring is sharing. If I win, you win and if you win, I win too. If I lose you help me not lose and if you lose I help you not lose. Simple. " I am focused on building love and connecting and collaborating with other professionals in the bus industry." New companies are emerging and partnerships now a days are fading because of technology. Technology is the tool to streamline the process.

The relationship allows you to respond to the charter. If you do not like a company that send the Opportunity, than it does not matter how many leads or deals they send your way, you will not bid, respond or work together because the relationship failed or was poorly developed."  

Vaccarello went on to say that he is excited to compete and build relationships. With the relationship of selling a quality pre owned motorcoach and than pairing that to with a ready made book of business for that coach. Makes the process of buying the bus 1000% times more attractive. "This is what we are doing now and we love it", says Vaccarello. 

BusQuote USA a company that was purchased by Vaccarello is focused on driving charter business back to all of its members. With the ability to drive Nationwide ready made leads the opportunity is a win win for all parties.

As a client the process is simple apply for financing, pick your coach, apply for certification, Bus is Delivered, Charter Bus business is sent to your email. Simple.

Investing in a Charter Coach Bus, Just got way easier. 

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