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Industry Message #BuyBetterBuses


Lately, The Bus industry is having a lot of vehicle options placed into the market from auctions to repossessions.

These units are being sold at seemingly attractive prices. What is really under the hood?  When companies experience financial difficulties often times the first thing that suffers is maintenance to the fleet.

So your sales price may be cheaper, however, the unknown cost could be tens of thousands more.
You are not always getting the deal that you think you are.

So, Is Cheaper Better? Industry Experts Disagree, "It is a 50/50 chance, Not all bus companies are created equal. The risk is not worth the price."

From our experience buses that come from a failed bus company, no matter how big or how good at their peak, have issues.
Financial issues usually mean unpaid parts bills! No parts, No repairs. We have even seen bus companies take parts from another bus to make the first bus work. Cannibalizing the fleet!

Dattco and BuyCoachBus.com have partnered up together to launch a new campaign around,  "#BuyingBetterBuses". 


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