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#Buses, Buy Motorcoaches Best Buses Best Prices

#Buses, Buy Motorcoaches Best Buses Best Prices.

Buying a Pre Owned MotorCoach Bus is not hard to do. You need to work with the respected companies which will guarantee buying HAPPINESS! 

AS IS Where IS- Scary right? I think so and others I have spoken to feel the same. When buying a bus it is like buying a Ferrari, you are spending hundreds of thousands of money on a revenue source for your company. AS IS Where IS... Say what! 

The fact of the matter is buses are expensive. I don't care what bus you buy, what year, what make, what model, what powertrain combo. Buses are machines and machines break! Now with that said, Why would you buy a broken bus? Why would you buy a bus from an auction? Why would you Buy A Bus, As is? The Bus industry has seen a increase in Preowned bus Sales, because of buses being sold at auctions. But buyer beware, These units are tired, maintained for sure but to what degree, unknown issues (time would be required to pre inspect and view the units)

Most people just go on the website, find a bus, click on the unit and bid on the bus. Some will chase it, some will low ball but some do not pre inspect the buses. That is the facts.

The Auction adds on a 15% commission on top of your bid price and you have to remove the equipment within a short period of time.

As a professional in the industry, I feel that the bus companies need a break in their overall costs. In 2018-2019, It has now become harder to secure Insurance, Secure Financing, Finding and Recruit Trained Drivers, Bus Parking/zoning,  Building consistent bus business, capturing contract work. The list is endless. As a bus owner, bus operator, bus seller, bus buyer and charter bus broker. I believe saving valuable profit is needed but building a strong sales wheelhouse is better. Relationships and business growth go hand in hand. Finding a Source of Revenue that can supply you with pre owned used buses, charter business, and professional services just makes sense. 

AS is Where Is. does not capture any of this....

Now why wouldn't you buy a better bus?




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